Spring 2019

Please call our front desk at 970 527-3493 to schedule your massage or bodywork. 

Therapeutic Massage

30-minutes $47    60-minutes $67    90-minutes $97   120 Minutes

Our therapist will help you determine what to focus on during your session and customize your Massage to suit your individual needs utilizing several Massage techniques.  Deep pressure to light pressure depending on your preference


Any of the following may be incorporated into your Massage:  

Sports Massage, Injury Rehabilitation, Assisted Stretching, Reflexology, Reiki.

Soak and Sauna 

up to 90-minutes  $15                   

Add a Soak and Sauna to Any Treatment $10

One low entry fee gives you access to our infrared saunas, our hot tub, our cold plunge, and our showers.  This hydrotherapy offers many health benefits such as stress relief, enhanced sleep, relief from symptoms of arthritis, muscular pain relief, increased blood flow, elimination of heavy metals, poisons and carcinogenic materials from our bodies for increased immune system function.  Warning:  May become habit-forming.  Bring your own bathing suit and a towel, or you can rent these items from us: towel rental $3, robe rental $5, bathing suit rental $2



Couples Massage

60-minutes $67 per person     90-minutes $97 per person

Massage is performed on two people in the same room by two therapists.  Each person will have the Massage tailored to their specific needs and preferences, but there is a synchronicity that happens within the massage experience.


Chair Massage

$1 per minute

Chair massage is a style of seated massage that is typically short, ten or fifteen minutes, and focuses on your back, shoulders and neck and arms.  For chair massage, you are seated in a special chair with your face resting in a cradle, looking down towards the floor, with support for your arms.  You remain fully clothed for this.


Hot Stone Massage     

75-minutes $97   90-minutes $127

Stones are heated and placed along the spine.  Benefits include increased circulation, increased lymph flow, deep muscular release, accelerated detoxification.


Prenatal Massage

60-minutes $67    90-minutes $97

Tailored to the needs of a pregnant woman.  Essential oils are not used and the body is positioned in ways that are comfortable and relaxing to a mother-to-be.  Massage will improve circulation, help with stress and encourage better sleep

Core Alignment Technique

30-45 minutes $40

The client remains clothed for a Core Alignment treatment.  It uses breathing, stretches and assisted movement techniques to align your skeletal system.  This technique uses slow, repetitive, range-of-motion type movement. The emphasis is on releasing blockages in the pelvis or shoulders and aligning the spine. It will improve movement restriction, increase flexibility and enable clients to reprogram old habits and patterns. This work is especially beneficial for clients with chronic back, shoulder and neck pain and stiffness, frozen shoulder, spinal stenosis, and for clients who do not see significant results from regular massage.


CranioSacral Therapy

60-minutes   $67

Craniosacral massage therapists gently work the bones of the head, neck, and sacrum. Craniosacral therapy restores the natural position and alignment of bones and joints in the head and neck, alleviating pain.  Craniosacral therapy may provide relief for those suffering from migraines. Those that have undergone craniosacral therapy have reported improved sleep quality and fewer migraine headaches. You remain clothed for this.




 CBD Massage

Add $10 to your choice of massage

Many people are discovering the pain-relieving benefits of CBD infused products. Combine this natural remedy with a Therapeutic Massage and you have an incredible recipe for total body relaxation.  CBD lotion can provide pain relief, reduce inflammation, and extend the benefits of massage therapy for a longer period of time.  We use an organic hemp-infused lotion combined with select Chinese herbs.  This special formula will be applied to specific areas of pain or along your spine and feet for full-body absorption.


Essential Oil Massage

Add $5 to your choice of massage

Essential Oils/Aromatherapy can be added as an accompaniment to any Therapeutic Massage providing you with a highly enjoyable and beneficial enhancement to your massage session.  Whether inhaled or applied to the skin, essential oils are gaining new attention as an alternative treatment for infections, stress, and other health problems.  While there are several different methods, aromatherapy accesses and cultivates the unique qualities of different essential oils in order to help relax the mind, body, and soul during your Massage.

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