samuel heart

Samuel Heart dreamed of being a healer from childhood. Even as a young boy, he was often found standing behind his family members rubbing their shoulders, fascinated by an understanding of a way to help people stop hurting. In 2006, Samuel attended The Denver School Of Massage, a school chosen for its focus on intention, intuition, and a desire to help people heal. 


"I still remember the first night of school, the Dean came forward and said 'Our mission is healing the world, one body at a time' and I thought 'I'm home.'"


With over a decade of experience practicing massage to support injury recovery, athletic performance, and general health, this therapist has amassed a wealth of incredible learning experiences along with a diverse set of tools that he uses in unique ways to support each person's specific needs. 


Samuel specializes in helping people get out of chronic pain as well as improve strength and mobility. A commitment to helping others nurture their bodies is the foundation of his practice. Clients are encouraged to use stretching, exercise, food, and self-care to help resolve issues as a natural extension of his focus. 


"The body is the great healer. Just give it what it needs, it'll do the rest."


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